Meet You in Kathmandu

Daniel SharpePhotography, Project, Work

At the beginning of last year I was lucky enough to get some time to go travelling for a little while, my route was through Northern India into Nepal where I met my girlfriend in Kathmandu (hence the title) from there she flew home and I went to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and lastly Malaysia.

As a keen photographer, I took my camera with me. Despite every asking “you’re not taking your big camera are you?” by which they meant my DSLR, I have to admit it had never really crossed my mind to take anything but the best possible camera I had access too. Apart from a few moments of self doubt in India I am glad I took it as I was able to practice my art, firstly through the lense but secondly in the travel book I was able to put together.

You can see more of the project here and if you desire you can purchase it here. However if the price point is too high, don’t worry because I wanted to share some of my photography below too.