A Cross Section of Hometown Icons

Daniel SharpeFlag, Photography, Project

I recently went back home to visit my family so took the opportunity to have a scout around the city centre and scope out what logos and icons I could see actually being used. As I’ve explained in previous posts, a very widely used symbol is the crossed keys of Saint Peter. However, as can be seen by the slider below, there is no consistency in how they’re drawn or the field colour on which they appear.

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Another symbol that kept cropping up was the crossed swords which is the logo of the cathedral. The Cathedral is actually named in honour of Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint Andrew and crossed swords are the symbol of Saint Paul (and the Dean Chapter), while Saint Andrew’s is a plain X cross (i.e. the Scottish flag).

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Then of course there is the city’s coat of arms which appeared on much of the street furniture things including a flag. Breaking at least three of the rules of good flag design (keep it simple, use two to three basic colours and use no lettering or seals).

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The reason for choosing Peterborough as the focus for this project is because I know the city well, so I wasn’t expecting any huge surprises. However the large usage of the crossed swords was something I hadn’t been aware of. In terms of symbols on the flag I feel there are a couple of solid options. The next stage is to think about the other things represented on the flag and how it sits amongst of civic flags.